Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.

Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.
"RESCUED" is my favorite breed oh, and Dachshunds!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ok, I am UP!

We woke up this morning about 3:30 am to one of the little dogs whining.  Now since that never happens, I figured I better get up and let her out.  It's freezing outside this morning.  There are a million stars shining so brightly.  I had to stick my head out and look.  Then, the other dog wanted out too.  I had to shut the back porch door so they would not run past me and into the nice warm bed in my room and made more noise.  I went back to bed after the hubby wakes up wanting to know what was going on.  Nice, now I am really awake.  I lay there for a while and I noticed there was no snoring going on..."are you awake too?"   "Yes".  So we lay there for a while.  Thirty minutes later I hear "you know you forgot about one thing this evening when you were talking about spending my money."  "What are you talking about??" I asked.   So we go back to a conversation we had last night.  Thirty minutes later I hear "we could go to Walmart and go grocery shopping."  WHAT? "We could just wear our pajama's like everyone else" he says laughing.   This from a man who would rather be shot than go there.  I suggested turning on the TV.  Nope, let's just get up.  Ok.  

Just for fun I peek out the living room window to see if there are any lights on at Crafty Neighbor Barbs. If she was on my skype list we could visit and kill some time.  Nope.  I make the coffee, get the dogs up, and turn on the TV.  I didn't realize so many "educational" programs are on 200 channels at 4:30 am.  Where are all the old familiar TV re-run shows?  Andy Griffith?  Beaver?  AWOL.  I can learn how to lift my butt, get sexy hair, chop food easier, get abs of steel or even make money without spending any.  I am not really interested in getting a sexier butt, or abs of steel.  I should be,  but I am a realist and I know this older saggy butt just won't snap back into shape anymore.  Gravity has taken it's toll.  Do I need Sexier Hair?  Why?  I thought my hair looked pretty good and what the heck I am not trolling for a new man.  Nothing says "looking" like sexy hair.   Guess I will have to "pintrest" and catch up on stamp TV.  The car racing show my hubby is watching just is not very interesting.  There are lots of women on there with their husbands surprisingly enough.  I bet one of our paper purses would look cute hanging from a rear view mirror of one of those cars.  One that looked retro of course.  HEY Barb, that's something we might look into.  Street rod bling for those gals!

Wishing I were still sleeping....

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