Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.

Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.
"RESCUED" is my favorite breed oh, and Dachshunds!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Baby, it's cold outside here!  It's January after all and I guess it has to be winter sometime.  I got my yearly sinus infection and the only good thing about that is the "nasal moisturizing" drops that I got hooked up with this year.  They have been around for a long time and are made from essential oils.  Where has this been all my life?  It's frisky like Vicks vapo rub, but really helps your poor dried out nares.  Then I got to wondering if it will help snoring?  I think my husband should try them too so we can find out.  If he won't go for it I could wait till he is sleeping (and snoring) and sneak up on him with a dropper full of the stuff.  I bet I could squirt some in his nose and flip over and act like I am sleeping pretty fast.  You know act all groggy like I didn't know what was going on.  It takes years of practice but we ladies are good at that fake sleeping stuff.

I had to take off work for one day to get better.  Laying in bed and watching TV sounded so good.  But what the heck Judge Joe Brown has been replaced!  So has Judge Alex, WHAT?  When I was home after my knee replacement I watched them all, every afternoon.  Some people thought I was losing it a little.  It hooked you like a soap opera only the actors are stupid"er".  Where do they get these litigants at?  I asked several family members if they wanted to make some money.  We could make up some big story and duke it out on national TV.  We could kiss and make up after I won the suit.  If I read it right on their websites, no actual money changes hands everyone is paid from a fund.  You get to stay in a nice hotel, and get plane tickets to fly to the show. What's not to like about that?  Not one person thought my idea would work out.  Rats.  So all I wanted to do was lay down in bed and relax with some old friends just like old times.  I flipped on the TV but they were gone.  Judge Judy was on, Judge Milian was still on.  I felt gypped.  It's like when they stopped delivering the paper to my house.  They didn't ask me if I wanted that, they just did it.   

Maybe Crafty Neighbor Barb and I could get a lawsuit going and take a little mini vacation together.   Hey that's the ticket! Split the loot, and get some more crafting supplies.  Barb, I can't seem to find those spiffy sissors you were admiring the other day....

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