Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.

Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.
"RESCUED" is my favorite breed oh, and Dachshunds!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scrappin Saturday

Wowza!  Spent an entire Saturday sitting among Super Scrappers.  The creative vibes were permeating the entire room.  When I walked in and saw all the cutting machines, embossing stuff, sticker makers, etc, etc., I could hardly believe my eyes.  Computers, layout books, stamps, and ink pads were everywhere.  The best part was everyone shared their toys too!  Then there was the food.  I must say if you didn't get full it was totally your own fault.  I made some Butterfly Boxes.
You can get the free SVG here.  The wing tips are held together with Velcro dots.  This way the wings pull apart and the middle unfolds and the box can be used again.  They are too cute to tear up.  I also made some Box Cards and this is the only one left not already given away.
The bottom of this is a 5x11 inch of card stock with a 5x3 inch pop up center.  I will try to post directions later.  The last was a Valentines Pop Up Box.  You can find the layouts for this type of box all over the Internet.  Search for "impossible box"  or "Pop Up Box."  This makes it's own lid when you push the top down.  Spiffy! 
I also worked on pop up cards and it took me 3 hours to figure out how to make an SVG that would cut correctly.  I will post some pictures of my cards when I get them done.  I can now make lots of shapes "pop up" out of a card and I just have to cut it out on the cricut.  I love my Sure Cuts Alot software!  I am so glad I had it before Provo Craft got the burr up their hind end and ruined all the fun by making it illegal to buy it and use it with their products anymore.   I think they got the message when so many of us dumped their products.  I am keeping what I have but won't buy new provo craft items.   I wish I could spend some more time absorbing the creative vibes from the scrap today, but it's my Mother in Law's 90th Birthday!   We are having a big party for her at the assisted living center. 

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Working is so overrated.  The sad fact when you are a business owner is no work, no pay so off I will go.  There is a big scrapping weekend event happening here.  It starts on Friday.  I am in hopes I can drag my stuff from the crap room (yes it's messed up again hence the name change) and join the group Saturday.  I have several projects in mind and I hope I get to work on them.  I came across a picture that just cracks me up.  It is SO something my brothers would do. 

We have so many GI Joe stories from the "old" days.  They had every GI Joe made plus all the accessories when they were little.  When Joe went out on a mission with those boys, he knew it might be his last.  I have visions of Joe with a rope tied to his waist braving the "toilet rapids".  The rope was on just to make sure Joe could be extracted in the event he went a little to far down the drain.  It also saved a spanking from Dad when he had to pull the toilet to get something out that didn't belong there.  He dangled hanging out the camper door at the end of a fishing pole bouncing down Route 66 several times.  Not to worry the chain was on the outside of the camper door keeping it from flying all the way open.  It opened just far enough to let Joe outside.  Dad didn't fall off the old turnip truck yesterday.  He saw people going around him flipping him off and wondered exactly what was going on back there.  Hey, we were tired of playing cards.  Yep old Joe covered many firecracker bombs with his body to save the rest of the squad more than once.  If we only had now what we had then.  Someone would be rich.  Original GI Joe's are fetching a pretty price.   Ahh...the stuff you remember looking at a random pic found on the internet.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentines Wreath

I decided to try to make a valentines wreath out of paper flowers.   I think it came out pretty good.  It is a little time consuming but worth the effort.  I used coffee filter flowers and put them on a painted cardboard heart.  I stuck some Penny Duncan leaves in between some of the flowers for a splash of green. 

Ok Crafty Neighbor Barb, we are not doing this for a class but I bet we could come up with a simple arrangement.  You make the sample arrangement and I will clap and cheer you on!  Whew!  Guess I better get some makeup on and get busy.   I have a lot to do today now that I got my challenge out of the way.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


After so many cold mornings this week, I find myself not wanting to go one last time to Mom and Dads to feed the horses for them.   I hate the cold.  Leaving the warm house is hard when my butt hits the old cold seat of the truck,  It takes exactly one mile before I can turn on the heater to start warming up. The good thing is that they are coming home today so I won't have to make an evening trip too.  Don't get me wrong, I am glad they are around so it's really not a problem.  My first surprise is how much warmer it is today.  37 degrees.  The small warm front came through during the night.  Nice.  As I am leaving town, I think about what someone said to me this week.  They asked me "why in the world do you like Kansas when you come from the West Coast and the beaches?"  Well, as I drive I love seeing all the winter wheat neatly out in the fields along the roadside.  Not row after row of houses never ending.  It looks like planted grass all the same height and huge blankets of green among the brown dead grasses in the ditches.  I saw a female woodpecker by the side of the road, and noticed that around a wooded pasture the poles have large purple bands painted on them.  (unprinted signs that there is NO hunting)  There just happens to be a rather large flock of turkeys that live there.  Nice, they are safe inside that area.  It is neat to see the huge Toms spreading their tails and bobbing their heads as they mingle with the hens some mornings.  I love seeing the wildlife.  Thing number two I love about Kansas.

Cotton harvest is winding up too.  There are little cotton bolls all along the road.  Kind of like crumbs of bread leading you on an adventure should you choose to try it.  If you were to follow them you would end up at the cotton gin.  It could be a game with kids.  See who could follow the trail of cotton.  You would be led down dirt roads, highways and then you would see a rather large building with heaping piles of cotton seeds alongside the huge cotton bales.  As I am mulling this over, HEY...what in the heck is in the ditch?  Well bless Bess, it's a couch.  Now that got there sometime between 5pm yesterday and 8 am this morning.  They knew they lost it too.  All the cushions are piled on the seat.  Now why would you not pick it up and dispose of it yourself?  All it needs is the "free" sign on it and it would be like the big city.  Crap everywhere it's not supposed to be.  They could have at least taken it a couple miles to the landfill gate and dropped it there.  Guess the state will haul it off.  That leads me to the thought they should be taking prisoners out in the fresh air to pick up the ditches.  They can't run too far and there is not much cover to hide them if they want to run.  It's a win win situation.  They get some much needed exercise and the ditches lose some litter.  They could hire some of the guys from the feed lot to sit on their horses and if anyone wanted to run off they could rope them and drag them back.  Less chains on the prisoners would mean they could work faster and cover more ground.

Reality would go more like this, someone would get chaffed from the shackle's, whine and get compensation.  Then I would have to pay twice.  Once to keep them fed,watered, entertained with cable TV, sports equipment and a warm place to hang out.  Then they would seek compensation for being hurt on a job.  No matter they broke the law to get there in the first place.  Ah, I say make them work for their food.  Thats what I have to do.

As I head home I notice how amazing the clouds are this morning.  The have ripples in them like the beaches when the tide goes out.  Sometimes the sand gets mounded up like rows in the fields.  I think I need a beach fix.  Maybe this is my sign I can do that this summer.  When it's warmer, and the days are longer.  Reason number three I like Kansas.  We have amazing sunsets and sunrises.   These are just 3 reasons I like Kansas.  I have hundreds.  It's not all flatland here either.  Around my house it's mostly flatter areas.  I like that.  I can see the storms building up and tornados coming.

Guess I will just have to be dreaming of the beaches this summer.   I think the clouds were a sign I will be seeing them soon.  Hope so...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ok, I am UP!

We woke up this morning about 3:30 am to one of the little dogs whining.  Now since that never happens, I figured I better get up and let her out.  It's freezing outside this morning.  There are a million stars shining so brightly.  I had to stick my head out and look.  Then, the other dog wanted out too.  I had to shut the back porch door so they would not run past me and into the nice warm bed in my room and made more noise.  I went back to bed after the hubby wakes up wanting to know what was going on.  Nice, now I am really awake.  I lay there for a while and I noticed there was no snoring going on..."are you awake too?"   "Yes".  So we lay there for a while.  Thirty minutes later I hear "you know you forgot about one thing this evening when you were talking about spending my money."  "What are you talking about??" I asked.   So we go back to a conversation we had last night.  Thirty minutes later I hear "we could go to Walmart and go grocery shopping."  WHAT? "We could just wear our pajama's like everyone else" he says laughing.   This from a man who would rather be shot than go there.  I suggested turning on the TV.  Nope, let's just get up.  Ok.  

Just for fun I peek out the living room window to see if there are any lights on at Crafty Neighbor Barbs. If she was on my skype list we could visit and kill some time.  Nope.  I make the coffee, get the dogs up, and turn on the TV.  I didn't realize so many "educational" programs are on 200 channels at 4:30 am.  Where are all the old familiar TV re-run shows?  Andy Griffith?  Beaver?  AWOL.  I can learn how to lift my butt, get sexy hair, chop food easier, get abs of steel or even make money without spending any.  I am not really interested in getting a sexier butt, or abs of steel.  I should be,  but I am a realist and I know this older saggy butt just won't snap back into shape anymore.  Gravity has taken it's toll.  Do I need Sexier Hair?  Why?  I thought my hair looked pretty good and what the heck I am not trolling for a new man.  Nothing says "looking" like sexy hair.   Guess I will have to "pintrest" and catch up on stamp TV.  The car racing show my hubby is watching just is not very interesting.  There are lots of women on there with their husbands surprisingly enough.  I bet one of our paper purses would look cute hanging from a rear view mirror of one of those cars.  One that looked retro of course.  HEY Barb, that's something we might look into.  Street rod bling for those gals!

Wishing I were still sleeping....

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Baby, it's cold outside here!  It's January after all and I guess it has to be winter sometime.  I got my yearly sinus infection and the only good thing about that is the "nasal moisturizing" drops that I got hooked up with this year.  They have been around for a long time and are made from essential oils.  Where has this been all my life?  It's frisky like Vicks vapo rub, but really helps your poor dried out nares.  Then I got to wondering if it will help snoring?  I think my husband should try them too so we can find out.  If he won't go for it I could wait till he is sleeping (and snoring) and sneak up on him with a dropper full of the stuff.  I bet I could squirt some in his nose and flip over and act like I am sleeping pretty fast.  You know act all groggy like I didn't know what was going on.  It takes years of practice but we ladies are good at that fake sleeping stuff.

I had to take off work for one day to get better.  Laying in bed and watching TV sounded so good.  But what the heck Judge Joe Brown has been replaced!  So has Judge Alex, WHAT?  When I was home after my knee replacement I watched them all, every afternoon.  Some people thought I was losing it a little.  It hooked you like a soap opera only the actors are stupid"er".  Where do they get these litigants at?  I asked several family members if they wanted to make some money.  We could make up some big story and duke it out on national TV.  We could kiss and make up after I won the suit.  If I read it right on their websites, no actual money changes hands everyone is paid from a fund.  You get to stay in a nice hotel, and get plane tickets to fly to the show. What's not to like about that?  Not one person thought my idea would work out.  Rats.  So all I wanted to do was lay down in bed and relax with some old friends just like old times.  I flipped on the TV but they were gone.  Judge Judy was on, Judge Milian was still on.  I felt gypped.  It's like when they stopped delivering the paper to my house.  They didn't ask me if I wanted that, they just did it.   

Maybe Crafty Neighbor Barb and I could get a lawsuit going and take a little mini vacation together.   Hey that's the ticket! Split the loot, and get some more crafting supplies.  Barb, I can't seem to find those spiffy sissors you were admiring the other day....

Box class information

Here are some pictures of the projects we will be making for our next "BOXES 101" class.  

This time we are going to make a “impossible Box”, “Butterfly Box” and another little paper “Purse!”  The $20.00 cost of the class includes everything you need to complete the projects, plus patterns so
you can make them at home too!  These little boxes are perfect to hold a little something special for Valentines Day.  Please call 620-594-2436 before Jan 27th to register.  The total amount is due when you sign up or a $10.00 deposit (pays for supplies etc.) with the balance due the day of class.   Class size is limited so sign up soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wash Day

Took the huge king size comforter to the Laundromat for it's bi-annual cleaning in the huge commercial machine today.  I took the little girls ( dachshunds) with me so we could walk a couple miles while I waited for it to get done.  The weather was perfect in the low 50's.  We did the first mile around the city and then hit the park for the last mile.  Wonderful!  Why is it that some of the machines never work correctly at the Laundromat?  It's a crap shoot when you pick out one.  Is there a special tactic to use?  Is it like gambling?  If you wipe your fingers across the washer door in a sweeping motion will it help the machine run better?   You see people in the casino doing that to the slot machines.  There were some men in there so I didn't really want to look like a retard running my fingers across the washer door when I put the quarters in, so I just took my chances.   I looked at the soap dispenser when the washer started.  When you put the soap in the correct place (according to the directions) it never left the compartment.  It just sat there with the rest of the powdered soap everyone else put in there.  Yuck!  I bet some man looks in there and thinks "hey, there is already soap in there, cool!" and never puts soap in his clothes.  I quickly found out you have to put your soap in the "pre soak" compartment.  Being the AR person I am I looked in all the big machines and it was the same.  Old soap in the soap dispensers and the pre soak compartment was clean as a whistle. 

My theory about soap was proven when this poor kid (male) put his greasy clothes in the "greaser" machine.  It never washed them, they sat spinning around for an hour, in the machine.  He came back a couple of times and stood there puzzled.  Being the AR person I am had already checked out what was going on in my boredom and saw the water was just running and running through the pre soak compartment and nothing was happening to the clothes.  I told him something was really wrong with the machine.  He cranked on the handle trying to get the door open and the machine to stop.   I assured him the internal locking system was on and he could twist the handle off and the door would not open.  He looked so sad, I lent him my phone and he called the emergency number for problems. 

Imagine our surprise when he got voice mail.  No one in their right mind would answer the phone from the Laundromat.  They might have to talk to someone.  Better to screen irate customers via voice mail   He finally got a call that someone would be there soon to help.  I suggested he rewash his clothes at the other Laundromat in town because even if they were wet they could be full of soap.  He said he usually puts a little soap in both dispensers to make sure there is plenty inside the washer.  I showed him how only one compartment works.  Wow!  He was glad he has been "putting a little in each compartment." after seeing that.   I didn't have the heart to tell him his clothes probably were not getting very clean with a tiny amount of soap.   Especially greasy ones.  He stared into the little window on the door and remarked his gloves looked a little better so maybe they were clean.  I dashed his hopes with my nurses logic about how it was stuck on "wash" and soap on skin can cause rashes if you wear it long enough.  Better to be safe than sorry by rewashing.  The mother in me wanted to say "imagine your junk sitting in soapy cloth all day" that can't be healthy.  Your kids someday could be born with flippers from exposure to all those chemicals.  BUT, I didn't say that, I just thought it. 

Well I am glad I don't have to do that more than 2-3 times a year.  You would be reading about me in the paper when I went all psycho about the soap dispensers not actually dispensing the soap!  I like to get what I pay for, and getting cheated out of a proper wash cycle does not work for me.

Happy Crafting........I am headed to the craft room right now.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It IS possible!

It does pay to get up at the butt crack of dawn some days.  I figured out how to work a little more with Inkscape.  Funny how if you move some nodes around you can correct some problems.  Who knew?  (Well I didn't!)  Here is the finished box.  Crafty Neighbor Barb and I got a couple hours in today to try and figure out what we are doing for our next class.  Guess this is one project.

I saw a neat way to put the tiny hearts on so they are more "3-D."  We tried it and I do say I like it. We always find something new to try.  Barb is so smart.  We kept messing up the embossing folder pieces that we were working with and she simply marked the side that popped up after embossing.  Geeze!!  Then I told her the butterfly's on the butterfly box can't be embossed, or at least I could not come up with an easy way and POOF!  She laid that little sucker down and folded it around so it would go right on through the cuddlebug.   Not sure what I would do without both of us putting our heads together.  We are getting very dangerous.  You know how it is when you ponder something so much that you can't see the obvious.  I think it's crafters block.

I also tried to make a paper flower using coffee filters.  I dyed them with craft paint and water.  S-I-M-P-L-E.  Now the big question is do I make smaller one's to add to a "may basket paper cone" or cut out 2 sizes and make a heart wreath out of them?   I may have to try both to see which is more fun.   Such big decisions.....at any rate we decided to offer these at our spring class.

So for our class this month we will offer the little purse, the impossible box and butterfly box.  It will be held at Frog Hollow in Pratt.  Time to be announced soon.  Watch their site on Facebook for more information. 

As I sit here this Sunday evening, I find myself thinking random thoughts.  One is how blessed I really am.  I only had to wait 32 years to get a craft room in my house.  Dedicated space for my toys WOW.   The DH is complaining that old crooked foot (the 16 year old manx cat) won't stay off his lap.  She follows him everywhere and even sleeps on his side of the bed during the day when he is gone.  Now not everyone is lucky enough to have that kind of relationship with an animal.  She keeps him company while I am busy in my craft room.  How lucky is that?   When we got married a long, long time ago he didn't even like cats.  Everyone can change given enough time.  

The only thing that never changes are the stupid commercials on TV.   Sobbing women make who want to watch the bachelor?   I don't need to see drama on TV I live it!  Heck there is so much going on in my little town we could have a TLC program here.  Check us out TLC.   It's going to start off with our usual "nosey neighbor one to nosey neighbor two, you got a copy?   Maybe they can get us a game camera so we can find out for sure who is putting crap in Mike and Nancy's dumpster.  In the middle of the night.  When everyone is sleeping........ahh small town USA.

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I decided today to "catch up" on a few projects.  Since Crafty Neighbor Barb and I are getting ready to teach another box class, my project is the impossible box.  I got the template but, maybe I should make sure the "impossible" box cuts and goes together correctly.  Well IT DOES NOT!!  All that time we spent getting the stupid template to go together and it's not "quite" right.  I have a head cold and am a little fuzzy.  More fuzzy than my regular "special ed" kinda normal.   Ahh..what the heck I might as well use the expensive paper to cut one out right?  It can't be that hard to make it work.  Well now  I have a little row of crumpled up boxes sitting on the table in the craft room.  I started out with the first one and forgot to fold the top down before I put the sides together.   FAIL.  So the second one I scored the bottom wrong.  FAIL-add to the collection.  The third one I forgot to score the fold line around the top of the box.  Can't do that when it's all glued together.  FAIL-add to the line of boxes.  Then I was feeling really big for my britches so I cut, scored, and put a contrasting edged piece on the top of the next box, thinking it would look cool when the top was pushed down.  Well it does not look cool when the overlap, scalloped part gets folded up when you can' t get the top pushed down correctly.  FAIL!!!  Added that to the collection of crumpled boxes too.  Feeling like a spaz now, I decided to make a butterfly box.  I can do that!  This time I went for the more natural look. 

I forgot to tell everyone that I keep the wings together at the top of the butterfly's by using some Velcro dots.  That way you can use the box again.  For the antenna I dipped some wire into flora soft.  I think it gives it a neat look.  Now my dilemma is, do I try to do one more impossible box this evening OR just enjoy the recliner, my dose of alka seltzer plus and look forward to using the medicated breathe right strips later when I go to bed?  Hummmm...........yep, it's the recliner.  Maybe I will have better luck tomorrow.  Hey....I could get crafty neighbor Barb over, give her a beer and see if she could figure it out.   She loves a challenge right Barb?  That's the ticket................. well unless I decide the paper will not win and try it again in the morning. 

Happy Crafting!

Footnote:  I WIN!  I finally played with that SVG in inkscape (and I don't know what I am doing there) and got it to cut correctly.  Whoop, Whoop!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Paper Purses

"Ok Crafters, this is the third time I am trying to post this"...  If this was a video on youtube it would be the third take, I would have had a few beers and would have just given up.  Crafy Neighbor Barb and I got together today and made a couple of things.  First we made a new style of paper purse.  I saw a similar one on a forum but could not find it again to copy it.  Poor Barb got the hard part of fusing all the shapes to make the pattern come together.  *sigh*  I think she made that sound a couple of times!  She sat on her laptop skewing, fusing, skewing, saying only one bad word until, VIOLA!  Check this out.

We finally got a SVG of this Click here for scalloped purse.  Whoop Whoop!!  Thanks Split Coast Stampers forum boards.  They had the answers for me on how to post svg's!!!  I love that community! 

While Barb did the purse, I made a pattern for a butterfly box.  It will hold a nugget candy or lip balm. 
I also have a SVG for this box click here Butterfly box..   As I look in the craft room, it seems like it turned back into the "crap" room.  It's like a gremlin was in there.  It was clean this morning. 

I am sitting in my chair with the TV on jotting this down and just saw the commercial for the "potty patch".  Humm....now my mind has gone elsewhere.   I have a few questions.  Why do you want to teach your dog to pee inside?  What if they think the carpet feel kinda like the potty patch?  Since you taught them to pee on that, maybe the carpet is ok too.   After all it feels like the potty patch.  I guess their carpet will smell like the potty patch soon.   Humm....now who's fault is that?  Ok everyone happy crafting!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spreading the Sunshine

Well I dusted off the old stethoscope, bought a scrub top and volunteered at the free health clinic as a triage nurse today.  I must admit it was fun.  Nice to see some of the patients I have not seen for a long time.  What was not to like?  Free coffee, home made cookies, computerized charting, new equipment and lots of really dedicated people.  Two doctors, one Nurse Practitioner, three nurses and one EMT.   They even had my son the hospital IT Tech man there to help when I hit the wrong keys and lost my chart.  We saw everyone who came in for care in about three and a half hours.  If they keep serving such good cookies I will be back there all the time!
Saw a really neat idea on (of course) Pintrest for re purposing old glass light fixture covers.  You know the white round one's that we all have (or had) in the bathroom or hallways?  Someone stuffed a string of Christmas lights inside them and placed them in the flowerbed.  Wowza!!  Instant orbs!  I am SO doing that!  You always see them at the Salvation Army store for a buck or two apiece.  Why at that price adding some 50% off lights makes a cheap cool looking patio accent.  I swear I am always finding something else to "make".  Get ready Crafty Neighbor Barb........

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Am I dreaming?

Yes, I live in Kansas but even by our standards today was too good to be true.  70 degrees?  In January?   I am sure we will pay for it soon.  Probably pay for it with lots of ice and/or snow.   I had a client cancel their appointment with me today and I took advantage of the time and walked a mile out in the fresh warm air.  It was wonderful!
I was lurking on pintrest this morning about 4:30 am (yes nothing better to do) and saw a cute pic of a teacup glued to a saucer.  It was a birdseed holder.   It hung from a steel bird feeder hook and was so cute.  Now why can't I think up stuff like that?  I think I may have to hit the consignment stores and get some neat cups and saucers to make a few.   They would be cute around a flowerbed. 
Today there was a bird count in our area.   I could have participated counting birds, but I had to work.   So, I filled the bird feeder to see who would come to eat out of it today before I left for work and it was only sparrows.  We had a bumper crop of them last summer.  The little log cabin bird house out in the big tree had 4 hatchings of them.   There is still a pair of them going in and out of it now!  It's so funny to see the male on the front porch and the female poking her head out the door.  My 19 pound cat hid himself as best as he could by the grill hoping to snag a straggler bird on the ground.  No luck, his large gut just slows him down too much.   I don't think he will alter the bird count much unless the neighbor quits feeding him treats in addition to what we give him.   We can't get him to lose weight with all the snacks he gets elsewhere.  I swear he has to have some Maine Coon in his bloodlines somewhere.  Well, it's time to get back on pintrest to see what wondrous things I can find to add to my "idea" book.  Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

Well here it is 2012.    So many things have been going on I have not had time to post anything until now.  Thankfully things are back to normal and I can once again ramble on here.  Surgery girl is finally well thank goodness.  It was a bit of a challenge for the first couple of weeks.  Christmas Eve was action packed with a 3 year old running amuck on a sugar high until he started puking about 9 pm.  Poor guy was too sick to play with his new toys on Christmas Day.  Someone always has to be ill on Christmas.  We need to start a family lottery to see who can pick out which family member will be ill on Christmas.  To sweeten the pot, we might add a bonus if they visit the emergency room.  I spent several Christmas's there with one kid or another. 

Santa was good to everyone but it was nice to move on to the New Year.  I am looking forward to only good things in the future.  Yep, my ship might actually come in this year.  My new saying is "don't look back, you are not going that way."  Watch out Crafty Neighbor Barb and I have dreamed up all kinds of things to make in the coming year.  She has been cleaning out her house across the street and putting stuff all over the place just to see if I will come over and take something.  I can almost hear her laughing as she piles stuff on the porch, thinking I might take some of it off her hands.   I am standing firm, one suitcase is enough.  No matter how nicely she hangs out those old clothes on the porch or how many kinds of  KU colored folding chairs she sets next to the trash can out front I will not cave in again!