Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.

Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.
"RESCUED" is my favorite breed oh, and Dachshunds!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stamped Tiles

Well crafty neighbor Barb and I got together and did some stamped coasters.
I think they came out pretty well.  I actually scored on the stamps.  Some gal was at a craft show and had a basket of "used" stamps.  I got 4 for 3.75!  SCORE!  The craft show was not very busy, I think the 45 mph gusting north wind had something to do with the turnout.  When you can't the the doors open (even between the gusts) it deters the little old ladies from getting in.  Nothing stops me from getting to the craft show.  It was amazing to see the tumbleweeds flying across the road in front of the truck on the way into town.  Where did they come from?  There was even one in front of the Municipal Building where the craft show was.    The crops failed this year due to the drought but the tumbleweeds had a wonderful growing season.

When my kids were little I gave them cap guns, strapped them in the car seats and let them "shoot" the tumbleweeds on the way to town.  I wonder what would happen if I did that today?  How long can I last before I get pulled over?  Shooting tumbleweeds was a great learning game.  You counted the tumbleweeds you "killed", talked about distance, colors etc.  it was far more entertaining than plugging in a DVD for them to watch.  I even remember some really creative people spraying tumbleweeds white, stacking them up and selling them as snowmen.  They shipped the tumbleweeds everywhere.  My favorite web sites had pictures of the "tumbleweed ranches" on the Internet that had the darn things scattered all over a wheat field.  All that green wheat dotted with brown tumbleweeds.  Like cattle grazing.......guess someone fell for that they sold like hotcakes!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey There Stampers!

Wow!  Crafty neighbor Barb came over and we filled some orders that we had for coasters and snowman candy bars.  Made 10 sets (I think its a blur at this point) of coasters, 31 covered Hershey bars and 6 stamped tiles.  The snowmen took the longest,  We had to sew the hats, and make the scarfs.  They are not hard, it just takes time to get the hats done.  They are so cute though!  Here are the new coaster designs that we made today.

I think we should do a you-tube video about stamping coasters.  It has been trial and error for us.  A video could save some other people the stress of screwing up and using an entire bottle of acetone to erase their mistakes.  I think we have our technique down now.  I have been thinking about how the video will go.   We need to keep it "real."  You know like it really happens in our craft rooms.  I know there are a lot of other crafters just like us out there. Before we begin, we will have to try one (or two if they are really good) of those drink recipe's that we have pinned on pinterest.  After we have loosened the jaw muscles and lips we will start off in our best Wisconsin accent-"Hello stampers!"  "Today we are going to show you how to stamp on tile.  To start you will need stazOn ink.  Next, you will need to have acetone and cotton pads handy in case you make a mistake.  Acetone will remove the ink from the stamped surface. You don't need to buy expensive acetone just get it at Walmart.  The cheaper the better.  Ink the stamp you are going to use well, but don't get carried away.  Barb will demonstrate the technique."  About that time you will hear "well.....shit" in the background. (Too much ink on the sides of the stamp)  We will have to pause the camera and wipe off the tile.  Ok, press the stamp firmly on the tile being really careful not to wriggle.....OMG!  Pause again and wipe off the tile.  OK take 3!  Alrighty there stampers, press firmly, don't wriggle and lift the stamp off quickly.  GEEZE!!  The damn stamp is sticking to the tile and lifting the entire thing off the table.  Pause again, wipe off the the tile, clean the stamp because it sat too long and the stazOn is sticky,  re stamp and start the video once again.  Now once you have the image like you want, take your embossing gun and heat the image up until it is warm to dry it.  If you use a embossing gun it will save the step (and expense) of baking it to set the ink.  Before you start, be sure to remove any acetone pads from the area, cap the acetone bottle and watch out not to heat up the plastic table top to much.  It will melt!  OMG....got too close to my fingers.  Stop the video, get another "beverage" and watch what we have so far.
This is how it usually goes when we get together.   A few "beverages", lots of laughter and a huge dose of creativity.   Yep, crafty neighbor Barb and I are pretty dangerous when we get together.  We are really good at experiment projects.  Footloose, fancy free, no kids, and husbands at work.  What more could a woman want?  Ok, maybe a cabana boy to serve the beverages....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My tiny little thoughts

Some Sunday mornings when I get up, I hear Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! You know like on TV.  I wonder what the day has in store for us.  Today the sun was not shining, it was too cold to play, so we just sat in our recliners on this yucky cold day.  No Sunday paper.. nope, they quit delivering the real paper.  No more mornings sitting there with a fresh cup of coffee looking at all the ad's,  clipping coupons listening to Jerry the bird yelling "hey let me out!"  Now we just sit there drinking coffee listening to "good morning!", "hello pretty bird", "here kitty kitty."  No comforting newsprint smell.  No rattling paper sounds.  What is this world coming to?  I don't want to look at a tiny version of the newspaper on the laptop.  Hell, I can't even see the print.  If I make it larger then I have to move the mouse around to see the articles.  We are talking about a all my life tradition here!  To focus the newspaper you either moved your glasses a little bit, or took them off.
I don't take this lightly.  My Sunday morning memories as a kid are waking up to the smell of coffee at my grandparents house hearing the rattling of newspaper and smelling eggs cooking.  Now, just who are these newspaper creeps that are messing with our Sunday morning memories?  What will the grandkids remember about Sunday mornings?   Oh, I know things change.  Money is the bottom line.   They are messing with tradition here.  Yes, I do look at the paper on line.  I am techo-enabled.  I just hate it.  The laptop is heavier, takes up the space that the little dog sits in, and if you hit a key that happens to be a hot key the whole screen disappears and you lose what you were looking at.  I do it all the time.  GEEZE!!   I am somewhat flexable and can adjust to change.  Some days I feel like a willlow tree in the 70 mph wind gusts.  I must admit, not being able to get a newspaper anymore feels like being screwed over and not getting a kiss when they were through with you. 
They even took the newspaper stands away.  It was like waking up Christmas morning to find that the Grinch took all the Christmas stuff.  It went something like DH- "hey no paper yet".  Me-"maybe we should call to see where it is."  DH-"They are not delivering it anymore."   Edit out the words the DH said here.. Me-"Ok go to the newspaper stand and see if they have one left."  DH- "hell I did, they took the stand away too!"  We both were in open mouth amazement.  Yep, there we stood just like the who's down in Whoville, I just wanted to hold hands and sing

 Fah who for-aze! Fah who for-aze!
Dah who dor-aze! Dah who dor-aze!
Welcome Christmas, Welcome Christmas,
Come this way! Come this way!

Maybe the newspaper fairy will bring the newspaper stand back.  Maybe someday I will look out front and see a newspaper laying on the sidewalk.  Yeah, in my life what will happen is that I will look out the front door and all I will see is a pile of dog crap from the neighbors dog.  That's change for ya!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Box Class Success

Well, today was the day!  Crafty neighbor Barb and I taught our first paper crafting class.  We agreed to meet at Frog Hollow (aka the venue) and get ready at 12:30.  Got all the supplies packed up and whew, had some time to kill.  Pinterest here I come.  When I came up to get a breath of air I noticed the clock said "past time to leave."  I jumped out of the comfy recliner, grabbed the totes and dashed off.  Making a quick calculation I figured I would be 10 minutes late.  Rounding the last curve about 1/3 of the way there I decided to make a mental note of what I brought.  Humm....SHUT the front door!! I had everything I needed BUT the packets of pre cut paper projects.  They were all sitting in the craft room on the table next to the spot the totes were sitting.  HOW could I forget those? 
Thankfully a dirt road corner was coming up.  I slammed on the brakes, flipped a U turn and raced back to the house.  Called crafty neighbor Barb to let her know I was going to be late.  No answer on her cell.  Ok, left a message.  Funny she should answer.  Ran into the house grabbed the folders and once again left.  Geeze, now I am going to be 20 minutes late.   Called Barb again, no answer.  Weird.  Guess she was setting up tables and could not hear the phone ringing in her purse.  A few minutes later called again, no answer.  Ok, she left the darn phone on the table at home.  Why can't she be like the kids, their phones are glued to their bodies?  I would not look like such a doofus showing up late if she knew where I was.  I just hope she does not have a heart attack thinking I am in the recliner at home sleeping while she is standing there with the attendees looking at her waiting for the class to start. 
I arrived and got the stuff out of the truck,  Whew, I was finally there and had all the supplies.  The vision of standing there starting the class and realizing all the projects were at my house faded.  We had a wonderful couple of hours trying out the class with 3 people.  I think it was a hit.  Everyone left with 5 or 6 completed projects, patterns and new ideas.  We are going to do it again in December.   Who knew someday we would be teaching other people how to do stuff??  We were amazed when we first started out that we could even make cute cards.  Next we were like whoop, whoop, someone got a cricut, then SCAL and MTC.  We did little happy dances, stayed up (still doing that) way too late lurking on internet sites.  Then, it was all over when we discovered the forums, free patterns and other paper cutters.   Now in the evenings all I hear from the DH is "what are you looking at on the computer NOW???"  I always say porn just to see the look on his face.  He always replies "oh yeah porn that looks like a card I bet."   Yep, he's right.  Who can resist a good card forum?

Saturday, November 12, 2011


While lurking on some of the crafting boards, I found the pattern for these snowmen candy bar covers.  I just had to run and make a couple prototypes.  They are just the cutest things!  Oh yeah, they will be for sale at Frog Hollow next week.  Crafty Neighbor Barb and I are all ready to whip some of them up.  What cute stocking stuffers.  I really don't know how people come up with all the neat ideas that they post for others to make.  I am so grateful for their willingness to share patterns.  I think the neat thing is tweaking things to suit your artistic tastes after looking at what someone else did.  Thank you Laurie Furnell for the "free" graphic pattern.  Visit her website for some really cool graphics.  Barb came up with some cute post it note holders that are on acrylic picture frames.  I am not sure where she got the idea but it's a keeper!  At first I had a hard time figuring out what she used for the little stand.  Why it was the picture frame of course.  Thinking outside the box opens up all kinds of creativity.

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Did I do that?

Kudos to crafty neighbor Barb for actually buying that silhouette cutter!  I procrastinated too long and they were all gone at the sale price!  I wish I had one too now.  She really out did herself on this cut.  Just look at the detail on our glass block.
I just can't cut that detail on the old cricut.  Here is the second side. 

This block was created to be a Christmas and winter block.  It even lights up too! 
I love making bows but must admit I am a bow spaz.  I make much better bows using the "bowdabra".  If only I could have dreamed that little gizmo up.  It's just a little plastic stand that holds the twisted ribbon still while you fold and twist it.  Oh, and a little smasher to keep everything tight until you can wrap it up. 
 I think we are going to have to make more of these glass blocks.  I thought maybe crafty neighbor Barb and I should have held a little drawing to see who could win this one and call it our "prototype" block.  It seems a shame to sell it to someone.  I hope the new owner loves it as much as we do.  I think the suitcase I got from the curb next to Barb's trash can is nice and dry now.  I just need to see if it is in good enough shape to make the dog bed.  The old DH sure had a good eye when he spied that sitting outside.  Too many ideas and work keeps getting in the way!  Almost forgot, the glass block is for sale at Frog Hollow in Pratt. 


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good will...

Bargain shoppers all know this.  When shopping for little odd and end things the local Goodwill store is the place to go.  The thing I love most is the kindness inside the store.  Someone almost always holds the door open for you when you get there if they are going inside also..  The employees always ask you if you need any help.  Someone will always strike up a conversation with you if you are open to that too.  I was looking for nice wine glasses to make some candle holders out of.  Here is one I made last night.
The picture does not do justice to the silver sparkle paper and shimmery snowflakes.  I have also been on the hunt for some old hard sided luggage to turn into dog beds.  They are beautiful when done right.  No luck finding some so far UNTIL....wait, what is that my husband saw across the street at crafty neighbor Barb's house?  No WAY!  A perfect looking suitcase sitting out by the curb.  And here I sit in my Jammie's and sticking up hair.  The trash man is coming soon too.  Pressure, pressure, pressure.  Trash man will show up soon and what IF I don't look at it?  What if I am kicking myself all week because I didn't go look at it?   Oh what shall I do?  Get out the spy binoculars and really check it out?  What the heck, I don a pair of sweats and flatten down the hair, wipe off the flaky mascara and run across the street to get Barb who is outside.  The poor suitcase is perfect but frozen shut.  Seems some snow got on it last night.  No matter I will chance it.  I run back across the street prize in hand coat flapping.  I hear her laughing all the way home too.  My husband says he has some dog crap we can spray gold too if I want some of that to go with the suitcase.  Ok non believers I will show you all.  I will post a pic of it when it's done.  That is if it unthaws, does not smell mouldy, and the hinges work.  If it does not work I will sneak it back across the street and set it back where it came from next week.  Ahhh, gotta love shopping, you never know when you will find that special treasure. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What ever happened to Thanksgiving?

Funny how Thanksgiving seems to have slipped away from our sights.  Christmas starts to slip in about August.  It's kinda creepy if you think about it.  First it's those boxes from China sitting at the end of the school supply isle at Walmart, unopened.  Then the next thing you know some shiny ornaments are hanging in the lawn and garden section.  A few weeks later, someone sets up that dreaded kiosk that plays all the "favorite" Christmas songs.
Things like- Reggie Christmas Hits, Andy Williams sings Christmas Wonderland, or something like Tibetan Christmas Bells.  Now those are songs we all rush out to buy.  Then in September you go to Hobby Lobby to use your 50% off coupon and BAM!  There are some Christmas Trees lurking in the Chinese shipping boxes out in the lobby area.  Oh yeah, there is still furniture out in the lobby but you know overpriced tree land IS coming...Seems like then it's all over.  There are pumpkins and the like out in the isles, but there are also ornaments, trees, wreaths and little doo dads galore.  Good bye outdoor deco, and good bye Halloween misspelled fall signs.  Oh yes, HL had a whole display of signs that said "Bemare" instead of "Beware".  An employee putting up Christmas  stuff overheard us laughing and saying how scared we were just reading that spooky word!  She came over and laughed with us,  Even on sale I bet only bad spellers bought it.  It's totally all over for fall by the first of November.  All you can find are little leftover sections of tattered garland, broken fall picks, and clearance turkey paper plates on the end caps of the Christmas isles.  I love Thanksgiving!  It makes me sad we can't just enjoy fall and be thankful for all the good things we have.  Happy Harvest?  Fall Blessings?  Gone.  Going into any store after September first reminds me of the fall sign on my door,  "Welcome to the Nut House."   Christmas crap everywhere.....*sigh*

Here is the fall window Crafty Neighbor Barb and I finished.  It's for sale at Frog Hollow if you are interested. 


Monday, November 7, 2011

Time flys....

Where did the weeks go?  My new grandson little Wyatt was just so excited to be born, he came 7 weeks early.  I thought 19 years ago I was done sitting by a crib in the NICU.   Not my child this time, but my child's child.  Once again, it was love at first sight.  A tiny wee man who is doing so fantastic!  We are so blessed, God is good!  I decided today that if I had to wear a sweatshirt that says something it would say "runs with scissors."   I have had that kind of a day.  Who wants to follow rules anyway?  Barb and I (my neighbor who by the way, is as addicted to crafting as I am) are busy getting together the items we will be making the class we will be presenting in a couple weeks. We are working on our double sided glass block and I messed around with wine glass shades.  Here is one I came up with.
The Goodwill store has such nice glasses for cheap!  I love shopping for stuff there.  Now to finish my Hillbilly wine glasses............so much to do and not enough time.