Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.

Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.
"RESCUED" is my favorite breed oh, and Dachshunds!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What ever happened to Thanksgiving?

Funny how Thanksgiving seems to have slipped away from our sights.  Christmas starts to slip in about August.  It's kinda creepy if you think about it.  First it's those boxes from China sitting at the end of the school supply isle at Walmart, unopened.  Then the next thing you know some shiny ornaments are hanging in the lawn and garden section.  A few weeks later, someone sets up that dreaded kiosk that plays all the "favorite" Christmas songs.
Things like- Reggie Christmas Hits, Andy Williams sings Christmas Wonderland, or something like Tibetan Christmas Bells.  Now those are songs we all rush out to buy.  Then in September you go to Hobby Lobby to use your 50% off coupon and BAM!  There are some Christmas Trees lurking in the Chinese shipping boxes out in the lobby area.  Oh yeah, there is still furniture out in the lobby but you know overpriced tree land IS coming...Seems like then it's all over.  There are pumpkins and the like out in the isles, but there are also ornaments, trees, wreaths and little doo dads galore.  Good bye outdoor deco, and good bye Halloween misspelled fall signs.  Oh yes, HL had a whole display of signs that said "Bemare" instead of "Beware".  An employee putting up Christmas  stuff overheard us laughing and saying how scared we were just reading that spooky word!  She came over and laughed with us,  Even on sale I bet only bad spellers bought it.  It's totally all over for fall by the first of November.  All you can find are little leftover sections of tattered garland, broken fall picks, and clearance turkey paper plates on the end caps of the Christmas isles.  I love Thanksgiving!  It makes me sad we can't just enjoy fall and be thankful for all the good things we have.  Happy Harvest?  Fall Blessings?  Gone.  Going into any store after September first reminds me of the fall sign on my door,  "Welcome to the Nut House."   Christmas crap everywhere.....*sigh*

Here is the fall window Crafty Neighbor Barb and I finished.  It's for sale at Frog Hollow if you are interested. 


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