Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.

Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.
"RESCUED" is my favorite breed oh, and Dachshunds!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey There Stampers!

Wow!  Crafty neighbor Barb came over and we filled some orders that we had for coasters and snowman candy bars.  Made 10 sets (I think its a blur at this point) of coasters, 31 covered Hershey bars and 6 stamped tiles.  The snowmen took the longest,  We had to sew the hats, and make the scarfs.  They are not hard, it just takes time to get the hats done.  They are so cute though!  Here are the new coaster designs that we made today.

I think we should do a you-tube video about stamping coasters.  It has been trial and error for us.  A video could save some other people the stress of screwing up and using an entire bottle of acetone to erase their mistakes.  I think we have our technique down now.  I have been thinking about how the video will go.   We need to keep it "real."  You know like it really happens in our craft rooms.  I know there are a lot of other crafters just like us out there. Before we begin, we will have to try one (or two if they are really good) of those drink recipe's that we have pinned on pinterest.  After we have loosened the jaw muscles and lips we will start off in our best Wisconsin accent-"Hello stampers!"  "Today we are going to show you how to stamp on tile.  To start you will need stazOn ink.  Next, you will need to have acetone and cotton pads handy in case you make a mistake.  Acetone will remove the ink from the stamped surface. You don't need to buy expensive acetone just get it at Walmart.  The cheaper the better.  Ink the stamp you are going to use well, but don't get carried away.  Barb will demonstrate the technique."  About that time you will hear "well.....shit" in the background. (Too much ink on the sides of the stamp)  We will have to pause the camera and wipe off the tile.  Ok, press the stamp firmly on the tile being really careful not to wriggle.....OMG!  Pause again and wipe off the tile.  OK take 3!  Alrighty there stampers, press firmly, don't wriggle and lift the stamp off quickly.  GEEZE!!  The damn stamp is sticking to the tile and lifting the entire thing off the table.  Pause again, wipe off the the tile, clean the stamp because it sat too long and the stazOn is sticky,  re stamp and start the video once again.  Now once you have the image like you want, take your embossing gun and heat the image up until it is warm to dry it.  If you use a embossing gun it will save the step (and expense) of baking it to set the ink.  Before you start, be sure to remove any acetone pads from the area, cap the acetone bottle and watch out not to heat up the plastic table top to much.  It will melt!  OMG....got too close to my fingers.  Stop the video, get another "beverage" and watch what we have so far.
This is how it usually goes when we get together.   A few "beverages", lots of laughter and a huge dose of creativity.   Yep, crafty neighbor Barb and I are pretty dangerous when we get together.  We are really good at experiment projects.  Footloose, fancy free, no kids, and husbands at work.  What more could a woman want?  Ok, maybe a cabana boy to serve the beverages....

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