Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.

Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.
"RESCUED" is my favorite breed oh, and Dachshunds!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Box Class Success

Well, today was the day!  Crafty neighbor Barb and I taught our first paper crafting class.  We agreed to meet at Frog Hollow (aka the venue) and get ready at 12:30.  Got all the supplies packed up and whew, had some time to kill.  Pinterest here I come.  When I came up to get a breath of air I noticed the clock said "past time to leave."  I jumped out of the comfy recliner, grabbed the totes and dashed off.  Making a quick calculation I figured I would be 10 minutes late.  Rounding the last curve about 1/3 of the way there I decided to make a mental note of what I brought.  Humm....SHUT the front door!! I had everything I needed BUT the packets of pre cut paper projects.  They were all sitting in the craft room on the table next to the spot the totes were sitting.  HOW could I forget those? 
Thankfully a dirt road corner was coming up.  I slammed on the brakes, flipped a U turn and raced back to the house.  Called crafty neighbor Barb to let her know I was going to be late.  No answer on her cell.  Ok, left a message.  Funny she should answer.  Ran into the house grabbed the folders and once again left.  Geeze, now I am going to be 20 minutes late.   Called Barb again, no answer.  Weird.  Guess she was setting up tables and could not hear the phone ringing in her purse.  A few minutes later called again, no answer.  Ok, she left the darn phone on the table at home.  Why can't she be like the kids, their phones are glued to their bodies?  I would not look like such a doofus showing up late if she knew where I was.  I just hope she does not have a heart attack thinking I am in the recliner at home sleeping while she is standing there with the attendees looking at her waiting for the class to start. 
I arrived and got the stuff out of the truck,  Whew, I was finally there and had all the supplies.  The vision of standing there starting the class and realizing all the projects were at my house faded.  We had a wonderful couple of hours trying out the class with 3 people.  I think it was a hit.  Everyone left with 5 or 6 completed projects, patterns and new ideas.  We are going to do it again in December.   Who knew someday we would be teaching other people how to do stuff??  We were amazed when we first started out that we could even make cute cards.  Next we were like whoop, whoop, someone got a cricut, then SCAL and MTC.  We did little happy dances, stayed up (still doing that) way too late lurking on internet sites.  Then, it was all over when we discovered the forums, free patterns and other paper cutters.   Now in the evenings all I hear from the DH is "what are you looking at on the computer NOW???"  I always say porn just to see the look on his face.  He always replies "oh yeah porn that looks like a card I bet."   Yep, he's right.  Who can resist a good card forum?

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