Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.

Our Little Buddy-much loved and still missed.
"RESCUED" is my favorite breed oh, and Dachshunds!

Monday, February 27, 2012


I finally did it.  I went to SVG Cuts and bought the birdhouse patterns.  I made the first one and I think it came out pretty well.

For some reason I have always been fascinated by these patterns.  I think I will have some fun with these.  This is a taller box and will hold a lot of candy.   I was downloading the picture of the bird house and just had a random thought run through my head.  Am I the only one who does not safely eject their camera from the computer?  I was going to do it, but my wireless mouse is in the craft room and I am in the recliner.  I tried to get it to work but after 3 tries I just yanked the cord out.  Nothing has ever really happened.  Crafty Neighbor Barb and I had this very conversation once.  I don't know that we really come to any conclusions.  I wonder what really can happen?

The camera never stops working, new pictures get uploaded just fine.  Why it kind of feels like I am running with scissors when I unsafely eject the camera.  I always wanted a sweatshirt that says "runs with scissors."  Growing up if you didn't walk with them pointed down at my house it was certain death.  Like when Mom saw you and yelled W-A-L-K with those!!  Walking fast with the pointed end up?  No one ever wanted to get caught doing that.  As an adult, it was fun to hold those suckers pointed end up and run, just for fun, if one was feeling especially brave run by the door of the room Mom was in.     Maybe I will switch to "unsafely ejects camera's." sweatshirt.  I could tell the kids, "Hey watch this!"  "I am UN-SAFELY ejecting my camera."  There might be a sudden intake of breath from them as I yanked out the cord, and not by the plug either.  Yep, by the middle of the cord, tempting fate even more by the possibility of leaving the plug part stuck it the laptop when the cord broke.  (remember hearing that one?) 

Well since the curiosity is killing me I will call my son the computer guy and ask what might happen for real.  If you like the birdhouse as much as me, it is worth the tiny investment for all the fun.  I will post the other pictures of what I am making with the patterns as I get them done.  Until then......I will be yanking the cords out smiling.  Unsafely of course.

Happy Crafting!!


  1. Don't worry about safely ejecting a camera... no harm should be done! /IT Director :)

  2. Thanks Brian, I did figure that out! I still want that sweatshirt though....